The Role of Bridge Mode in Connecting Multiple Routers

The Role of Bridge Mode

What does bridge mode do? Bridge mode, a practical networking feature on most modern routers, empowers users to connect and communicate between two separate networks. When a router is set to bridge mode, its routing functions are essentially turned off, acting as a simple pass-through device. One of the most common uses of bridge mode […]

From Data Flow to Security: Hub vs. Switch Explained

Hub vs. Switch

Hub vs. Switch Key Takeaways Understanding Networking Devices: Gain insights into the crucial roles of hubs and switches in computer networks. Operating Layers: Learn how hubs and switches operate at different OSI model layers, influencing data handling and network efficiency. Device Types and Applications: Explore the various types of hubs and switches and their specific […]

Network Bridges Demystified

Network Bridges Demystified

Key Takeaways Understanding Bridges: Learn about bridges, which are crucial devices in computer networking for connecting LANs and facilitating communication. Exploring Types of Bridges: Dive into the different types of bridges—Transparent, Source Routing, and Translational—each with unique functionalities and applications. Analyzing Advantages and Disadvantages: Discover the benefits of using bridges in networks, such as increased […]